T minus 4 days baby!!!


You know that time when you realize your Katy Perry inspired dance party was in T-4 ish days???  🤩💙🍭

You gather up...well a few things!

Something old • Bracelets 👑
Something New • All Of it! 😍
Something Bold • Gumball Machine ❤️
& Something Blue • Brand New Wig 💁🏼‍♀️

🍭 Oh and oh also hit up the dollar store, get out all of your glitter and wait for your tutu to come in the mail!  That’s all!!!  👌🏻

Learning to love yourself & be present!


I feel like lately I have been super down on myself...about my weight, cleaning my house, decorating, making hubby happy, making sure all of my boys get all of the needed attention they deserve and also just in simple everyday tasks.
I am not sure why as women we see the need to compare ourselves to others. Why we dont ever feel like we are enough or why we dont naturally just think positively and see the good.
I feel like it is our natural human instinct to instantly critique ourself and that just isnt okay with me anymore...
I have decided that instead of instantly thinking how terrible I am for maybe forgetting dinner one night...because I was busy that day running errands, cleaning the house and playing with my boys...I am going to praise the little things like; how proud I am that my son is learning to read, that my adorable infant is learning to explore the world around him and smile while doing so, that my awesome preschooler is such a great helper while his big brothers go to school and he prays for them while they are gone or how my oldest just got braces and is going to his first school dance this week.
If we constantly nit pick at ourselves we will never be present for the little things which ultimately are the meaningful everyday moments we tend to miss out on while trying to be supermom!
See the good! Look for the good! Be present for the little memories that your children are making right before your eyes every moment of the day!

Under Construction...


Sorry if it seems like i havent been on here in a while...but we are on our way to a new and improved blog baby! Just hang in there you Fly followers and it will be worth it! 😍