Unfortunately you don’t always realize what is true, who is true or how to be the TRUE you until it is to late.
Wrong!  It is never to late!  Always be you, always stay true and be a TRUE you!  
You can always learn from your mistakes and see what is best to say or maybe not say in the moment.  Do or maybe not do...and most of all just be TRUE!

Mommy Play Date


👉🏻 Something exciting is in the works!  Stay tuned for details, ways to win free family passes, treats & introducing our Mommy “Spoil Me” bags to some lucky mommas! 🙌🏻

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I challenge you to SHINE ✨

✨ I challenge you today to think of who, what or where makes you SHINE ✨

It could be after a work out, your fave splurge on a drink, finally purchasing a bedroom set (umm that’s for me 🤣), your family, your kids accomplishing something scary or maybe it’s this guy 👉🏻

Even if he is mine, I still might be willing to share his attractiveness to the world through this photo!  I am currently at the park watching most of my boys (and some random children) chase my hubby around.  Our oldest is at a very anticipated Dungeons & Dragons tournament (I think that is what it’s called 🤦🏼‍♀️) and I can’t wait to hear how it goes!  I am so glad that all of my boys have their own exciting adventures and I can’t wait to journey with them every single day...even if I begrudgingly left to go on the family walk.  I’m human ok!  Also, totally tag me in a photo of what makes you SHINE ✨ and you might just win your favorite shade of gloss from @shinecosmetics or use the code theflywife10 for 10 percent off of your whole purchase! 

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So real life guys...


  I have always been afraid to smile with my teeth showing.  Why?  Well they are enamel free since birth and not very white.  I have decided who the hell cares but me?  Answer is, no one!

  I am a happy person usually and always seem to find that my pictures might not showcase my true self since I am always focused on NOT showing my teeth.  When I am afraid to show my teeth, that shows my sons that they can be afraid and not be genuine.  Not okay with me.

  I want my boys to always be genuine and embrace the real them!

  Plus my lipgloss from @shinecosmetics is Admired and should be admired!  Use code theflywife10 for 10 percent off everything!

Remember them good ole days?

  I am so blessed to have incredible people surrounding me.  I have 4 amazing blue eyed boys, a husband who is seriously more and more impressive every single day.  His dedication as a husband and father is literally leaps and bounds further then who I actually am as a mother and his wife!  He is honestly my best friend, my perfect person, the man I love to smooch oh and to randomly smack on the booty!  No need to worry, It’s just a friendly tap to remind him of my love for him, in case he forgot! 😘

  I have such an amazing home full of many moments and memories...some are loud, exciting, crazy, chaotic, lovely, creative, sad, tear filled, laugh out loud moments, melt downs, hugs, smiles for days and some that are those HOW or WHY did this happen, kind of moments.

  All in all, life is good! 🙌🏻. So why do I want to sometimes scream?  I am constantly feeling the pressure of doing more...(all in my own head by the way) like you need to make dinner from scratch, look put together ALL THE TIME, feel adorable, clean my house, build my empire (still working on that), carpool, diaper changes, potty training, limited screen time (on a good day), bike rides, park days, library excursions, go to the gym and so on and so on...

  The reality is we are doing exactly ENOUGH every single day.  There is no need to put the added pressures to the already pressure full life we all lead.  We are constantly concerned with others and we shouldn’t be!  We need to be in the NOW!  Be present with your kids, ENJOY potty training them in between running to the grocery store for the 3rd time this week.  Play legos and let yourself get excited about building with them.  Get on the floor and remember what it was like to be a kid.  Be happy!  Smile more often! 😍